International Journal of
Scientific & Computational Engineering

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About The Journal

About The Journal

The International Journal of Scientific & Computational Engineering(IJSCE) is an international research journal,which publishes top-level work from all areas of Computational Sciences and Technology.Areas and subareas of interest include Programming Languages;Software Development;Graphics for Science and Engineering;Solid,Surface and Wireframe Modelling;Animation;Data Management & Display;Image Processing; Flight Simulation;VLSI Design; Process Simulation;Neural Networks and their Applications;Fuzzy Systems Theory and Applications;Supercomputing;Optical Computing;Soft Computing;Data Structures and Network Algorithms;Genetic Algorithms and Evolutional Systems;Very Large Scale Scientific Computing;Molecular Modelling;Scientific Computing in Emerging Critical Technologies;Computational Learning and Cognition;Computational Methods in Geosciences-Oceanographic and Atmospheric Systems;Computational Medicine;Artificial Intelligence;Cybernetics;Computer Security Issues; Evolutionary and Innovative Computing;Internet of Things(IOT);Data Science and more...


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