Science & Mathematics Laboratory

We have a sophisticated, well established and properly equipped science lab. This lab is spacious, ventilated and designed scientifically. It is well stocked with equipments and apparatus and is run by qualified staff. Detailed attention has been paid to the safety aspect in the planning and functioning of theses state of art laboratories. It provides an ideal set up for students to put their knowledge to practice. Models, charts and other teaching aids are provided for teaching practice.

Teaching of mathematics should deal with the process and not just confine to transferring the knowledge from the mind of the teachers to notebooks of students through the tip of a pen and for such a phenomenal change in teaching of mathematics, a right ambience is required and it is definitely the Mathematics Laboratory. Mathematics Laboratory can act like a concomitant between teacher and students and provides an opportunity to understand and discover the beauty, importance and relevance of mathematics as a discipline. It can be expected to enhance the pupil's understanding of the subject as taught at the school and can also provide a glimpse of what is beyond. Department of education has established

Psychology Laboratory
The institution has a well established psychology laboratory specifically designed for evaluating the educational interest, intelligence, personality traits, mental ability etc. Personality development is the main aim of the laboratory. Expert psycho-lecturers always support the students to enhance their ability to the fullest extent. The laboratory includes the tests for educational interest, mental ability, personality achievement and intelligence etc. Instrumental tests like performance test of intelligence by Alexander pass along and mirror facing board etc. are also available. Every student gets an opportunity to get hands on these sophisticated instruments.

Educational Technology Laboratory & ICTs Centre
To keep its students updated on computers, an advanced computer center been set up. It has a LAN network with number of terminals connected to server. Dedicated experts help students to developing their computer skills. In today's world they will find this to be a very valuable experience. Lectures are aided by OHP and LCD for more effective teaching.

Approval , Recognition, and Affiliation

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