Computer Ville-A Computer Quiz

Rules & Regulations
  • General Instruction
  • 1. Student of class 9th to 12th can participate in the competition.
    2. Registration fees for each participant : Rs. 100/- only.
    3. Objective question will be asked from the Computer Science field.
    4. The competition is to be conducted in the three rounds.
    • Round 1: Offline Examination
    • Round 2: Online Examination
    • Round 3: Stage Round
    5. 1st Round will be individual round.
    6. 2nd & 3rd round will be interschool round that would be held at IPS-CTM, Gwalior.
    7. A team would comprise of only 3 students.
    8. Maximum 3 teams per school will be allowed.
    9. The mobile and other gadgets are prohibited during the examination. If it is found with any student he/she will be disqualified on the spot.
    10. If any prohibited items are found during the II & III round of the quiz with any of the members of any team, the team will be disqualified.
    11. Students must come in their school uniform with ID card.
  • Round I: Offline Examination (School Level)
  • 1. Ist round will be individual round that is to be conducted uniformly across the city in all the respective high schools and higher secondary schools on September 14, 2018 and the evaluation will be done on September 20, 2018 by the school authorities themselves.
    2. Exam Pattern
      i. No. of question - 60
      ii. Time duration - 60 min.
      iii. One mark for each correct answer.
      iv. No negative marking.
    3. One Team (03 students each) can participate in next round for each group of 30 students. If students are more than 30, schools can send two teams.
    4. Maximum Three scorers from each school will get Medals*.
    5. Certificates of participation will be given to all the students.

  • Round II: Online Examination
  • 1. Online Examination will be conducted at IPS College of Technology and Management Gwalior on October 01, 2018.
    2. The teams formed after first round will participate in this round.
    3. Each team will be provided a computer for the online exam.
    4. Exam Pattern
      i. No. of question - 100
      ii. Time duration - 60 min.
      iii. One Mark for each correct answer.
      iv. No negative marking.
    5. Top 4 (four) teams will be eligible for the final round.

  • Round III. Stage Round
  • 1. This round will also be conducted at IPS College of Technology and Management, Gwalior on the same day i.e. October 01, 2018 .
    2. The rules and regulations will be announced by the event coordinator in the beginning of the stage round.

Approval , Recognition, and Affiliation

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