A Pharmacist deals exclusively with each and every aspect of Drugs - Research and Development on new drug molecule, R&D for better formulation, synthesis of drug, extraction and formulation of drugs of natural origin, studies of drugs for biological activity, safety, regulatory affairs, patents & IPR issues, patient care etc.

A Pharmacist can undertake job in India or abroad, in government institutions, (R&D labs, drug regulatory organizations, big hospitals, manufacturing units, etc.) in private sector (manufacturing, R&D dept., packaging, quality control, marketing, distribution channels), self business including operating distribution channels or manufacturing, franchise business, contract manufacturing, repacking etc. publishing or in academics.

Science is an evolving branch and Pharmacy is no exception. Newer and newer branches of pharmacy are emerging and getting recognition in the society such as community Pharmacy, Nuclear Pharmacy etc.

Most note worthy aspect of Pharmacy as a profession is that unemployment word for any Pharmacy graduate or Diploma holder is unheard of. Pharmacists abroad are assigned greater job responsibility and are considered integral part of health care system and are given the same importance as a Physician or Nursing staff. This aspect and monetary benefits attracts Pharmacists form India to pursue overseas careers. Besides job, many students leave the country to pursue academics i.e. MS, MBA, Ph. D. or Post Doctoral Research.

Overall, if we compare career options of Pharmacy Profession, it can be concluded that there is no dearth of jobs for a Pharmacist. There is no limit to the growth and emoluments. With increasing population standard of living is on the rise and People have started taking interest in issues related to health, hence demand of a Pharmacist will keep on increasing.

A career in pharmacy, unfolds a vista full of opportunities leading to a golden future for a young career aspirant. The job opportunities, working conditions, job satisfaction and monetary benefits are excellent.
The various vocations a pharmacy professional can opt, for, are discussed below;

Production & Manufacturing:

A pharmacy professional can work as a production person (chemist, officer, executive, manager, vice-president), involved in the production of bulk drug & intermediates or formulations and dosage forms. Industries in the cosmetics, soaps, toiletries segment also hire pharmacy professionals. Other segments where opportunities exist are the field of dental products. Dental medicine is a specialized field and so is its production. These involve products dedicated to dental care and hygiene like toothpaste, mouthwashes, dental cavity fillers, etc.

Blood and plasma products is another area hitherto untapped in India, but has immense potential worldwide and is coming up fast in the country. The products involve, blood of various groups, production of blood bags, haemoglobin, plasma, serum, clotting factors, antigens, antibodies, etc. Production of biological & biotechnological products, surgical dressings, medical devices & equipment, ayurvedic/ homoeopathic / unani medicines also involve the presence of pharmacy professionals in its production. Other areas where pharmacy professionals are required are in production of veterinary medicine, perfumery, fragrances, nutraceuticals.

Research & Development:

This forms the heart of any industry, as it is the key to growth and sustenance. Mainly M Pharms & PhDs are in great demand in the various areas of Pharmaceutical R&D. Other areas where professionals are required are:

  • New Drug Discovery Research (NDDR): Discovering a new drug has assumed prime importance in the post-GATT era.
  • Process Development (P&D): One of the important areas in bulk drugs industry is developing viable processes for the manufacture of drugs and intermediates for their commercial production.
  • Formulation & Development (F&D): The success of any pharma company lies in the quality of its products, i.e., its formulations & dosage forms.
  • Clinical Trials, Bioequivalence studies, Toxicological Studies: These are some of the areas of clinical research which are in high demand as they are involved in the systematic evaluation of potential drug substances prior to getting them approved by the authorities.

Analysis & Testing

Any drug or dosage form for human use has to be of excellent quality and purity, free from any impurities. The permissible limits of impurities, which either occurs through the manufacturing process, equipment, raw materials, handling or storage, are very stringent. Therefore, Quality control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) are the most integral areas of the drug & pharmaceutical industry. Highly specialized and trained staff is required to handle sensitive analytical procedures & sophisticated equipment. MPharm & PhDs in Pharm Analysis /Q.A. are highly preferred for this job.


Any business is incomplete without the marketing & sales aspect, as the universal fact is that any thing produced has to be sold. The Pharma. Sales & Marketing is a highly technical field & offers excellent opportunities for the pharmacy graduates. Additional qualification like M.B.A. adds to their arsenal. An aspirant of a highly bright future can enter through various openings like starting his own retail or wholesale drug store or becoming a professional sales representative (known as medical Sales Representative or M.R.) to the levels of International Marketing & Exports. The monetary rewards and perks are the best.

Hospital Pharmacy

Another opening for a Pharmacy professional is as a "Registered Pharmacist" in the hospitals or drug stores. This is a very sought after professional especially in countries like the U.S.A. & Canada. The trend is already set in many hospitals in the country. This is a key position and the Pharmacist plays an important role form preparing prescription to the patient''s medial history after the Medical doctor has diagnosed the disease. The Pharmacist is the best-informed qualified drug expert whose advice is sought by every body regarding the dosage, incompatibilities and side effects of drugs.

Community Pharmacy

This concept, which is already very old in developed Western countries, is rapidly catching up the Healthcare service in our country. Through the services of community pharmacy a Pharmacist becomes a vital link between the patients and the products i.e., drugs. The pharmacist also serves a vital link between the patients and other healthcare professionals, especially the medical experts.

  • Counseling the patients regarding the use of the drugs and dosage forms
  • Providing up-to-date information on drugs/dosage forms to the patients, as well as, medical staff.
  • Maintaining patient records & history.
  • Involved in the usage of self-diagnostic kits by the patients for disorders like diabetes, hypertension etc.
  • Providing supply of Home care dosage forms.


Excellent opportunities for the professionals are available in teaching profession also. As per the A.I.C.T.E. norms the minimum entry-level qualification as lecturer is M.Pharm. This is a profession associated with job satisfaction and social status as teaching is considered to be noble profession. The higher posts in the hierarchy and Sr. Lecturer, Reader, Asst. Professor, Professor, Principal etc. The emoluments are satisfactory. Besides teaching Academic related opportunities involve positions on Research Posts and Training programs.

Approval , Recognition, and Affiliation

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